Monday, January 17, 2011

Just another manic monday....

  You know you hear about those people who have just the crummiest of the crummy days and it falls on a Monday? Well, I'm living it right now.  It really started just after midnight.  Our little kupcake is teething and woke up in sheer pain.  She didn't want anything else other than for me to hold her.  Cute, but not when you are extremely exhausted.  That was from 330-430.  Moving on, woke up and low and behold, I broke out... eh.  Then, I lost my wallet.  No CLUE where it is.  Didn't fix lunch so had to grab a frozen meal from the fridge. Next, the shoes I wore, I totally forgot how UN-FREAKING-COMFORTABLE they are. Moving on to getting to work.  I was walking from the parking structure with my groceries for the week (multigrain cheerios, oranges, apples, bananas, almond milk) and my bag breaks.  The ONE time I use a brown bag instead of the reusable bags.  Of course.  Then, when I finally arrive at my office, my computer is showing the blue screen of death.  Seriously, this was all before 815.  Luckily my computer rebooted fine but still.  Oh, and it's suppose to be 84 today.  It looks so beautiful outside and I will be stuck all day inside.  Nice. YEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPP!

Enough about today, how was everyone's weekend?  Our was just glorious!  The sun was shining and the birds were chirping.  We were busy but we also had time to relax.  It was wonderful. I finally got some gardening down and am just super excited about that.  YEA! 

Now, let's plan our meals shall we?
  • Sunday:  Sushi Night
  • Monday:  Turkey Burgers (didn't have them last week) -- on the Grill outside, can you hello 80+ weather
  • Tuesday:  Fish Tacos
  • Wednesday:  Cuban Sandwiches
  • Thursday:  Artichoke Lemon & Chicken  Pasta *
  • Friday:  BBQ turkey Meatballs (slow cooker)*
  • Saturday: Eat out / Order in
Sides will be consisting of Sweet Potato Fries, Roasted Brussels Spouts, Caesar salad, Corn, veggie slaw, and black beans.  YUMM
Desserts will be apples with Peanut Butter... (i so love this combo), Frozen Yogurt, Fruit Smoothies. 

The little kupcake is eating lentil and chickpeas and whatever she grabs off our plates.  :)

The weekly to-do list:
  • Work out
  • Work on garden
  • Repot flowers for the front porch
  • Put away little girl clothes
  • Catch up on reading
  • Reorganize recipes into new binder
  • Clean the floors
  • Baby proof...someone is crawling.  
Did you ever have a morning where you wish you could just start over again?

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Linda said...

Ugh. I'm sorry to hear your Monday didn't go well. Hope Tuesday's better!