Sunday, January 23, 2011

Color seeping in

springtimeIn your wardrobe that is. When do you add more color? In winter, I tend to fall into shades of dark purples, navy blues, greys, all shades of brown, camel, black and ivory. I love me some dark blends but with the sun just shining through the windows I feel like I need a break.  Now that January is almost over I was wondering when should I start adding in that splash of lemon yellow or a burst of berry. Or do I all out and just jump into spring with lots of color.

Now if I won the lotto, I'd totally go all out and buy a brand new wardrobe like these off to the side. I'm not, so this will just be my inspirations. For now, I will be just be shopping for a few key tops and some scarves to add that splash I'm in need of.

  What is the one type of clothing you always must buy for springtime?

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Linda said...

I love the purse in the bottom right one.