Monday, January 24, 2011

Coffee on a Monday Morning...

There isn't anything better, wouldn't you agree?  After the weekend, I totally felt like coming to work was going to be my vacation since we were so busy but I am S W A M P E D.  Not only did we terrorize the backyard by adding onto the garden and chopping down a tree (when I say we, I mean the hubby and our good friend, I was supervising from the inside with the kupcake). We also cleaned to high heaven (still need to do a little more, yuck).  I am happy to report though we did a lot with the 48 hours we had.  Even food prepping tired me out, I chopped, sauteed, boiled, and packaged quite a few things for this week's dinners.  So what are we eating this week?
  • Sunday:  Chicken Pot Pie
  • Monday:  leftovers (i'm on my own)
  • Tuesday:  Chicken and Broccoli Pie with Orzo & Swiss Chard
  • Wednesday: French Dip Sandwiches with Quinoa & Kale, Turnip Fries
  • Thursday: N'awlins Stuffed Bell Peppers with Collard Greens
  • Friday:  Chicken Tortilla Soup*
  • Saturday:  Eat out!
*completes the yearly to do list (crock pot and new recipe)

I'm so excited to try a bunch of new recipes and new foods.  Almost everything we are eating comes from new recipes.  The only things I need to do this week is the au jus for the French Dip Sandwiches and Thursday's dinner.  This entire menu was inspired by the box of produce we got.

On to list of things to do this week:
  • Finish building extention on the garden
  • Work and Finalize plans for Trellis 
  • Complete BBQ ground area (will go into this later)
  • Plant more
  • Clean bathrooms (Lame)
  • Repot two planters
  • bake 
  • Run during my lunch breaks
  • Hang Swing
I think the backyard is going to keep us busy for the next week and am excited to show you everything we've done so far (it entails a chainsaws!).

  How was your weekend? 

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Linda said...

Saturday we were so lazy. We stayed home all day, relaxed, read, watched tv. It was very nice. Hubby had a super stressful week so he enjoy his day of nothing. Sunday I had brunch with a friend and ran errands.