Friday, April 25, 2008

Challenge #4

Two nights ago was another challenge in our little competition the hubby and I have been having in order to get into better shape. I decided I wanted to change it up and I created a quiz. For every question, you had to some form of exercise before you were allowed to answer it. It ranged from sprints up and down a football field, skipping 100 yards, lounges, squats, 50 push ups and 150 sit ups. You get a point for every question correct, and one for whoever finishes first.

Let's see if you can answer these questions:

1. How many calories in ONE serving of TGIF's Potato Skins?
2. A deck of cards is how many servings of chicken?
3. To burn calories, what is the optimal % range your heart rate should be at?
4. How many servings are the recommended daily intake for: Veggies? Fruits?
5. What is the most importing drink to have every day?
6. How many egg(s) does it take to fulfill one serving of meat?
7. How many calories would you burn if you play basketball(non-game) for 1 hour?

NO cheating! (on Monday I'll post the answers!)

as for who won? ...the hubby did!

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