Monday, April 7, 2008

Challenge and the Weigh in #3

We neglected to have a temptation last week because the hubby was out on Thursday so no one was rewarded points. On Saturday morning we had our 10k run and decided that the challenge was whoever finished faster won. Since I'm a whopping 8 inches shorter I got a head start... 1 minute per inch! Up and down the hills we went and by mile 4 we were within a few minutes of each other (I'm the slower one...I blame my short stride). By the time I crossed the finish line I knew I was within reach. I finished only 5 minutes behind me, giving me another victory for challenges! HOORAY!!

I have to admit, I was not good about what I ate. I did however log in 18 miles for the week. But the scale doesn't lie... wifey GAINED 0.36% while the hubby LOST 0.34%. Yes, it was a matter of less than 1% both ways but we still have to award the point to someone! So the tally is as follows:

Wifey: 5
Hubby: 3

I missed my last week's goal to run 20 miles but I'm still happy with what I did. This week we have another 10k and this time it's flat! I want to again try to do 20 miles. Let's see if I can do it!

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