Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Going Green on your honeymoon...

Here are some beautiful places to go and feel good about being eco-friendly!

St. John, U. S. Virgin Islands, Maho Bay Camps
Bring your own flashlight for nocturnal negotiation of the many hillside steps and walkways that prevent soil erosion and protect the beach and fragile coral. Maho Bay construction was accomplished with recycled building materials such as "plastic lumber," glass tiles and rubber tire rugs. Take note of Maho's creative "Trash to Treasures" program: The resort's trash is recycled into craft items and fine art.

Waikkal, Sri Lanka, Ranweli Holiday Village
The birds really do sound sweet from either your sea-view bungalow or river-view room at this eco-friendly resort, set on a 22-acre peninsula covered with mangrove trees. And with surprisingly inexpensive prices, why not choose the bungalow? Accommodations are air-conditioned, and have ceiling fans, while d├ęcor showcases hand-made local fabrics, terracotta pots, brass lamps and artifacts produced by local craftsmen. After taking a guided nature tour, treat your feet to some therapeutic down time in the Ayurvedic Centre.

Mali, West Africa, The Road to Timbuktu
The legendary Timbuktu is a real place, and getting there is a really good trip. This 14-day, small-group cultural adventure winds through Dogon villages, boards a pinasse or local boat for a river ride, and beds you down in a nomadic Tuareg tent in the Sahara. Take hand-washing powder for yourself and bring along medicine for treating malaria to give to the local schools.

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