Thursday, April 3, 2008

Stranded at the drive in...

Okay, maybe not drive in, but stranded is what we could have been if ATA Airlines filed bankruptcy in the last week of May. We WERE suppose to use them to go to Hawaii for Memorial weekend but to our dismay... they have ceased all flights. We won't find out what's going to happen to our flights until April 7 when we are allowed to call. Until then, I found a good article on "What to do when your airline goes bankrupt
Three tips for getting to your destination anyway

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Linda said...

I hope you read Heather's post over at Road to the Aisle. She was able to get rebooked at no additional cost!

Linda said...

Yea! You get a cookie! Thanks for sharing this... I don't know how I missed that post! Since we booked our flights through Southwest we have to just sit and wait. I'll make sure I do a follow up on this who fiasco!