Thursday, April 3, 2008

Alternatives to Guest Books

When I think of guest books I think of all the fun little things you can say and the bride and groom read it once before they toss it in a closet. When searching around for different ideas, I found some really cool ones!

First there is the typical 16x20 photo and a matte where guests could sign it and have it hang in your house. I took it a step further and did smaller photos and made it into a series.

Next is a different frame to sign:

Use the pen just as you would a normal ball point ink pen. Only normal pressure is required. It is quite easy to use and guests will find that they are able to sign in the same quality as they would normally with a ink pen. Click here for instructions on using the engraving pen. Our pens are not mechanical and have a specially designed tip that inscribes into the metal when writing. There is no sound made from the pen when engraving. The pen will last through the signing and does not easily wear out.
Find it here

The Wish Tree:

I really liked this idea and wanted to do it but it just didn't get done.

The puzzle pieces:

I saw this photo and thought how AWESOME it would be to take a photo of the two of you and create a puzzle with it, then have your guests sign the back of the pieces. OH I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!! You can send in your photo and get the puzzle made for you at Portrait Puzzles!

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Linda said...

I thought about the engraving pen, but I have a few older frail guests who would have a hard time with the pen-shaky hands. I also thought it might frighten some people. Strange I know. But I love the puzzle idea!