Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What's in a name?

On the way back from the florist today I got to talking with one of my close friends who's wedding is coming up shortly. She said she really wanted me to be a bridesmaid but because of other people she just didn't have any. She said she felt bad and that's when I chimed in, it didn't matter to me if I was one or not. That things happen for a reason and this way I can help out more on the day of to make sure her day was perfect. Don't get me wrong, I would have have been honored to stand with her but sometimes it doesn't work out and that's fine by me. It really is about her.

It's funny how powerful it is to have titles. Some people fight over being a BM and even MOH status. Personally, I'd rather stand back and help out as much as possible in the places the Bride needs help. Be there as a friend when things go wrong and help figure out solutions. I'd rather know I can be there for her, regardless of some silly little title.

After my wedding, I took a step back and was grateful for my decisions on who was in my wedding. I felt so very proud they said yes. Did you deal with the pressure and put people into your wedding while others were left out?

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