Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sometimes beauty is ONLY skin deep...

For the shower I went to a month ago, I decided I wanted to do something really special since I've been with the bride through the beginning of her relationship with her FI. Every photo, every moment, she shared with me and really helped our friendship grow in the process. So for her shower, I let my hubby pick out the present (YEA, a ice bucket! oh joy!) and knew I had to do something special to make it more personal.

I took all the photos of the happy couple (first date, ski trips, the moment they got engaged, their engagement photos and parties, our wedding and engagement party, trips, etc) and placed them in in a word document. I took the document to Kinkos and they blew it up to a 16x20 for me to use as wrapping paper. I then took some pretty pink ribbon and come colorful silk flowers and placed them on top (so she had something more than just ribbon for her rehearsal bouquet). The end result was the packaging was far superior to the present inside. The end result made the bride cry because for the first time, she saw their relationship from past to present all together and was soo overwhelmed with joy! By the time it was open up presents, she decided to take this home and show her FI and loved it. Today, the wrapping paper is in a frame at their house! :)

Photo taken by Mark Ayoub Photography

And a better view of the paper:

--the Background words says: Bride's Name loves Groom's Name loves Bride's name, over and over. Also, yes you can see the actual proposal in the sand... and yes, the Groom did mispell MARRY. Oh well, he can blame nerves for that one! ;)

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