Thursday, February 14, 2008

The bio...

After finally putting all my wedding photos on a webpage, I realized that I probably should post it here too... I'm still torn about posting it on the knot but we'll see, maybe I'll post it on their little contest they are having! :)

There will be link on the side, but for y'all wanting easy access in reader, here you go!

Our Wedding Bio

I know there aren't any DIY projects or invites shown there but I figured with all the blogging I've done on it all, you can just go do the DIY tag! :P



Linda said...

Yeah! Thank you for putting together a bio. Your hair is gorgeous. I wish I could wear my hair down for the wedding.

Vigilante said...

Oh thank you! My hair was initially suppose to be half up but when I got there, I told them I wanted to be comfortable and wear it normal! One of the best decisions I made! :)