Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just saw this over at ONTD.

Baby Beatles Show in a diaper - "Hey Jude"

If you watch this video and don't smile, then you my friend must have a heart as black as coal. Hero is one of the most famous children in Korea right now. Here is one of his first performances before his many television appearances.
After watching this video on, I just had to know more about him. Little Hero may not be a celebrity in the West, but he is famous in Korea. He was born in September of 2003. In 2005 he began to sing along to The Beatles, and now he can sing most of their songs. There are alot more videos of Hero on various TV and radio shows (i.e. The Wunderkind Contest Show) on Youtube under the username heroisborn. The above video just happens to be the cutiest thing I have ever seen. Even cuter than those pictures of baby animals.

What a lovely way to end the day!

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