Tuesday, February 5, 2008

and that's number 10...

Yesterday morning my friend and I drove down to Huntington Beach to run my tenth half marathon. (that totally sounds like I'm this super in shape person who loves to run... and it is sooo not the case) When we got there, rain rain and more rain drenched everyone. And if the rain wasn't enough, Mother Nature decided we needed wind as another obstacle. So now with already chilling morning temps, the rain and wind took it down another notch. Before we even got onto the shuttle to get to the starting line, my two layers of tops AND bottom were soaked and my socks and shoes were DRENCHED.

The run was hell.

But I finished and now proud owner of a surfboard medal! :)

How do I feel? VERY SORE!

UPDATE: photo of pretty medal.

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Kim said...

Picture of surfboard medal, please. Love to see medals!