Thursday, September 6, 2007


the bottom of my dress that is... and I mean that in the nicest way possible. I had my second dress fitting today and I was soo overjoyed to try it on again. This time I actually felt like a bride! I felt sexy and beautiful and well, I felt damn good! I always wondered when I was going to feel like that or if I ever was.

While I was admiring myself in the dress, the alteration lady was adding about a million pins. The bottom of my dress was cut up and she was pinning it all together again. She also added my broach to the middle of the dress and BOY does it make a difference!
Then I took it a step further and proceeded to put on my veil (which I ADORE!!!!) and necklace and completely gasped how great I felt! It's surreal! The photos that were taken were me, but it just doesn't register that it really is me. Crazy I know.

End result, I LOVE my alteration lady who runs In Stitches (in the San Fernando Valley area) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my dress even more!

How did you feel when you first tried on your dress after the alterations began?

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