Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Long flowing locks...

I have long hair. Infact, the last time I remember I had this long of hair I was a senior in high school and my best friend helped chop it off.

When I got engaged, I remember the first thing I thought about is that I want my hair down and want it long again. It's always been a trademark of mine and as much as loved it short (shoulder length) I did love it long.

Having your hair down for a wedding when it's my length, tends to be the only way to go... I mean, what's the point for growing it out if your just going to hide it in a bun? :) So I kept toying with the idea of not going to the salon since I'm so used to curling it and letting it flow but with about a million people telling me that I shouldn't, I buckled under pressure and made an appointment for a hair trial.

I'm not too excited about the trial like every other bride. I just remember my junior prom, sitting in the chair for 3 hours, letting them curl my locks and by the time I got home, the curls were gone...depressed, I ended up recurling it myself. The following year, I decided to do my own hair and was TEN time happier. What makes me think this would be any different? Before I judge, I guess I'll just wait and see. Until then, I needed some inspirational hairstyles to go with:

So... this is my hair for the wedding... down and flowing and curly. For the reception, part of it will be pulled back because I know me and I definitely know the balmy cool nights. A touch of humidity + my SUPER THICK and WAVY hair = POOF BALL!

How did you come about picking your hair style?

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