Friday, September 7, 2007


One word to describe this time in the engagement period. Where I should be frantic to get stuff done, I am not. Other than stuffing the bags or printing out other misc items, We are done. :) (mental note, blog about programs!)

But I'm still in a blur. I know my shower is coming up and my bachelorette party is too. I'm excited about it, but it just a bit surreal. And because of that feeling, I feel apathetic about stuff. Where I should be focused on making sure my arms and back are in top form, I'm not motivated. Also, where everyone says I'd be more excited for the honeymoon, it still doesn't seem real to me and therefore, I can't get all jazz hands about that either.

Does anyone else get like this? Feeling like they should be doing something but really, there is nothing to do?

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