Friday, September 28, 2007

No one stands alone...

Out of all the little trends, I kept a little tally of ones I really wanted to do. One of them were the Bridal Party shirts for the Bachelorette Party. I never really pictured what we'd do or who'd be there other than my girls so I never thought of everyone else who was coming and what they would wear. I know, selfish right?!

So when it hit me the other day that I would never want to be one of the ones who isn't part of them and feel left out I realized I had to take action! I called up my MOH right away and did a tally of how many I had to worry about and came up with the great idea of making them the same style of shirt but with some cute catch word. And the end result turned into:

I only had to make one so it worked out nicely for me. I know what you must be thinking, I'm the bride so why the heck am I doing any of this work. Well, part of me never wants to leave a friend behind and also, it's a fun little shirt that is part of a thank you for taking the time out of your life and celebrating our friendship together. (And on another level, it's super adorable that she just married and gets to flaunt it to others!)

I'm excited on what our weekend will hold! When my MOH asked what I wanted and I told her, I wanted to have a weekend that all of us could enjoy and it shouldn't be centered around me. I wanted us to have fun and laugh! Well... with how it is all turning out... I think she succeeded marvelously!

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