Friday, September 14, 2007

More bling...

So, little miss planner did not plan for something and waited to the day before to do something. I forgot to get a hair barrette of some sort for the wedding. No, the wedding isn't tomorrow but the hair trial is.

I grabbed one of my BM's during our lunch break and headed to the mall to find all things sparkly. We found a shop that had hair accessories and quickly went to anything that flashed some sparkles our way. The barrettes and the combs didn't satisfy my tastes so we moved on to the brooches, and while we found one that would work, we decided to look a little more and then we found something similar to this:


Clip on earrings! Yes, you heard that right... CLIP ONS! :) I wanted something to add just a bit a sparkle and thought these would work quite well. We'll see tomorrow.

So ladies... when you can't find anything that isn't just right... head over to the clip on department... you never know what you're going to find!

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bride of rochester said...

very good idea! I can't wait to see pictures!