Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 31 weekly menu

This week is nice. I have to week nights off from cooking and weekend night off! Hooray!  I'm really going to make an attempt to clean my pantry too. 

So let's see what's to eat?

Shakes (one thing I have learned this year is I have zero time to sit and eat, good thing I plan ahead and make stuff.)
Protein bars

Chicken Greek salad
Tuna salad sandwich
Chickpea patties

Monday:sick so whatever someone makes 
Tuesday:pulled pork roasted sweet potatoes and homemade coleslaw 
Wednesday: chicken soup
Thursday: dinner with friends
Friday: dinner playmate (pizza and salad)
Saturday: friend's birthday party (yummy tacos!!!!)
Sunday: hot dogs and baked sweet potatoes  

What meal are you most excited about this week?

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