Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24 weekly menu

I know I'm late posting but I figure if it's on here by midnight it counts right?  This week is all about making new recipes inspired by Pinterest photos. I'm quite excited about it. We used one tonight and wow was it easy and so tasty. 

Protein shakes 
Special K cereal

Turkey dogs
Chicken salad
Chickpea patties

Ham and cheese pinwheels * with cinnamon & paprika sweet potatoes
Mustard chicken * broiled garlic green beans
Creamy tortellini soup *
 Turkey Parmesan meatballs* with grilled asparagus 
Homemade fish sticks * with stuffed button mushroom bites

*notes never made meals before.

Double yum!!!! 

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Linda said...

I love mustard on chicken. Enjoy!