Sunday, March 30, 2014

Just keep truckin along...

What a week! It was filled with new meals, dad's night, colds, dirt under my nails from gardening and overall fun. Let's see what the highlights were:

- lost another 2.6 lbs and happy to see it go! 
- started week four again of T25 and then got sick, maybe three times a charm, week 4 here I come... Again!
- my garden is getting HUGE! I just need to cut a shrub tonight so the tomatoes have full sun as well as the sunflowers.
- I ran this week to go pick up the car. Felt great to just let it go and run.
- I snagged a slot for the Disney Avenger half marathon! So so excited! I am already thinking of what cape to make! 
- started planning K1's fourth birthday! Where did the time go? Wasn't she just a baby?
- happy hour with my friends! Could have eaten the entire bowl of ceveche but I was good and I shared. 😜

That pretty much sums up my super exciting life here. How was your week? 

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