Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm alive!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had/have the worst cold/flu/bronchitis/yuckiness in decades last week and am finally feeling more like myself (still a bit sick though).  Away from the drug induced haze I was living in, I tossed all blogging, working, socializing, living, out the window for sleep and a tissue.  By the weekend I was actually talking like a normal human without hacking up a lung or two and dragged the family out to Santa Barbara for some zoo action and bonding time.  It was oodles of fun but when we got home, I crashed once again.  On Sunday, I woke feeling like I needed something filling (since I was barely eating, throat hurt to much to even think about swallowing).  I made Banana Flax seed Waffles, Strawberry Blueberry syrup and a few sausage links.  Oh boy was it yummy.  It poured cats and dogs and we proceeded to be holed up all day chasing the precocious little girl around and trying to eat the house by baking and cooking.  I made a few different types of cookies (Kitchen Sink and Double Chocolate Cranberry), a batch of Ham and Corn Chowder, and even some veggies for the rugrat.  It was good.  By the end of the night we finished cleaning the house (something that didn't get done all week), did laundry, and even dinner planned.  Let's see what we'll be chowing down on:
  • Monday:  Mushroom and Asparagus Quiche
  • Tuesday:  Sausage Pizza with salad
  • Wednesday:  Chicken Satay with swiss chard quinoa
  • Thursday: Ham and Swiss Paninis
  • Friday:  Fish
  • Saturday:  Burritos
  • Sunday:  Soup --undecided what kind
  Nice and easy dinners, nothing fancy over here.  This week I'll be recovering as fast as I can so I can do the race this weekend.  At the moment, running isn't an option since I'm on two different types of inhalers.  I just hope I can finish.

As for what do I have to do this week?
  • Photos of the garden (seriously... i'm sure you sick of me talking about this and not showing you)
  • redesign blog  (yup, it's finally time for this)
  • rest
Yup, I'm busy!  I'll be back to blogging on schedule.  I hate getting sick and I think what was worse than before is being sick with my daughter.  Poor girl was one big snot ball.  This morning I'm happy to report she was able to breathe without me suctioning her nose ever 15 minutes!

  Have you gotten hit by this year's cold? 

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