Monday, April 26, 2010

What a weekend!

This weekend was my second shower. My friends are just utter angels and did a phenomenal job with it all.  Once I get those photos uploaded I can't wait to show you but in the mean time, I'll just ramble on about it.  They choose Bedtime Stories as their theme and every table was a made to look like a little bed with it's own theme.  The food was amazing italian food that I chowed down on and the cake... well, the cake was just spectacular.  It looked like read books with a little baby crawling underneath a blanket.  :)  It was soo yummy, I even had a piece of it last night!!!

 It was so nice to have family and friends around to share in the celebration of KLM's upcoming arrival.  We played games and and laughed, all the while basking in the beautiful weather we were having.  Very nice contrast to the days before where it was gloomy and cold.  Later that evening I headed off to the Spa with my mom to get a little pampering, and then off to dinner just the two of us.  Something that never happens.At the end of the evening we opened all our presents with the hubby and just overwhelmed by the generosity from our loved ones!

  On Sunday, we woke up to the coolest thing in the world.  You could feel KLM's little heel pushing out near my ribs.  We're not talking kicks here people, you could actually FEEL her little heel near my rib!!!  Yup, she's already in perfect position even though she has a little more than eight weeks to go.  After we poked and prodded her to make her move more we did our usual Sunday morning routine, church and breakfast at our local cafe (they know our orders by heart! heehee) and then got my Mom ready to head home.  I spent the afternoon trying to organize KLM's room, and after two hours in there, I maybe got 2% done.  I finally did my first load of baby laundry.  It was the onesies from my first shower.  We wanted to rewash them to make sure they don't bleed on the other clothes later on.  I even got to use our clothesline that we put up too!  In the evening, another childbirth class.  Every class gets so much better and it's really nice to see how it isn't about me, but what the hubby will be doing and helping with during it all.  

  That pretty much is the weekend we had.  We were busy from the beginning to the end and the entire time I was just in bliss. 

Hope y'all had a good weekend too and hopefully this week will be a great one!

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