Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Tips to go Green

  • Reroute your day. Before you head out the door for the day, make your list of errands and try to figure out how to shorten your commute from Point A to B and only make one trip out instead of 5. Stop wasting coming and going from your house.

  • Add some super-plants to your house! Some plants help remove indoor air pollutants like formaldehyde and benzene, things we never thought we'd have in our home. Some include: English ivy and peace lilies are great toxin fighters.

  • Want to save some money and don't want to clip coupons? Try using programs like Cellfire and Shortcuts and lots coupons onto your club card. You'll save money and paper!

  • Unplug appliances. Even when they are off, appliance can pull energy when plugged in. Even I'm guilty of keeping things plugged in. In areas like the kitchen though, do you really need that toaster always plugged in? No.

  • Start a compost pile. You live in a apartment? No problem. Nowadays there are these great countertop compost bins. When it gets full, find a local community garden and donate your compost to their pile.

    The one shown to your right is the Odor-Free Countertop Compost Keeper selling on for $23.31. Buy one more item and get free shipping! Saves you a trip to the store!


Linda said...

The rerouting tip is great. I try to do that before I leave work or home so I can streamline my errands.

healthdesigner said...

Thanks for the great tips. I have always planned my errands to be efficient - with time. Never thought about the gas I am saving too.