Tuesday, April 6, 2010


You know how I was a bit scared to make Macarons the other week? Well, it was justified. I just couldn't even get the mixture right so I tossed the mixture and now moving onto something more fun. Whoopie Pies!!!

More like Banana Whoopie Pies!!! YUUMMMMYYY!!!!! I found the recipe while I was trolling through Martha's website and figured, this is more up my alley. Still out of my element because of the cream in the middle but willing to give it a try! :) I'm sure if I pull this off the hubby will be jumping for joy!

If it comes out, I will post how I made it happen, if not, expect another disaster post! Fingers crossed it works because I'm drooling right now over these things!


Linda said...

Good luck. I've heard Whoopie Pies are easier to make.

Sara the Brown said...

Wilton & W&S make a special pan but you don't really need one. I made Martha's Peanut Butter ones and it was super futzy, but totally worth it.