Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings...

  • I finally got the last of my cloth diapers... now we have 29, granted 5 of them are just one size but that's okay. We even have one swim diaper. Hmm...might get one or two more of those so KLM can go "swimming."
  • Anyone have any good tips on how to stretch or relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve? All suggestions GREATLY appreciated!!!!
  • I can't believe I'm hitting 8 months. I should post at least one pregnant photo of myself before I pop.
  • Requisite GLEE SQUEAL!!!
  • The side patio concrete paint is OFFICIALLY GONE! Now the hubby will just have to finish parts 2,3, and 4 to be completely done with this project. At least part was about 90% of the entire project's work.
  • In serious need to clean the house. No, this isn't nesting...let's put it this way: the dining table hasn't been cleaned since, oh, at least two weeks. Random crap is on there that should have been thrown away, including the dead flowers from Easter.
  • So I changed my mind AGAIN on patio furniture. Is that bad? :)
  • Finally we have veggies coming in but may need to plant another cherry tomato bush.
  • I'm already looking forward to the weekend. The only thing really planned is a hospital visit and clean out the garage. Other than that, it's all about maybe some gardening and getting started on Project 12 - May stuff.
  • Bruno started puppy school yesterday with the hubby. Overall, I heard he did well. Very proud of my little teddy bear!

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Linda said...

Changing your mind is a woman's prerogative. Never feel bad about doing so.
In pilates we used to roll on a foam roller which help my sciatic nerve. I wish I had one now!