Thursday, April 8, 2010

Project 12 - April update #1

Let's see how we are doing at the LMP household:

  • Spend the month without using paper towels. I used one by accident. Only one.

  • Set up a clothesline outside and use it 4 times Haven't put it up yet but hope we can get it up this weekend!

  • Set up BBQ and start cooking outside 4 times this month. BBQ is ready to go. Will be BBQing tonight! Yum, Lemon Chicken and veggies!!!

  • Instead of the gym, go take a walk at night Haven't gone into the gym and will go for a walk tonight.

  • Turn off the thermostat Done! The hubby wasn't happy about that the onther morning when it was 55 inside!

How are you doing

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