Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Tips to go Green

  • Recycle your furniture. When it's time to hunt for a new couch or bed, either donate it or even toss it on Craigslist. Who says that old mattress can go to a dumpster? Call your local bed retailers and see if they have a recycling program. There are programs out there that reuse the frame and even the springs.
  • Carpool! The hubby and I don't work in the same town, but I pass his office on my way to my office. So why can't we just commute? Starting next week we are. If you and a friend go along the same path, why not see if you can carpool at least one day a week and split the cost of gas.
  • Watch what you print. Did you really need every copy of every thing you buy online? No. Create a folder in your email just for online receipts. Hotels don't need the receipt and besides, this way you won't lose it.
  • Cut down on Magazines. In 2009, we had 10 DIFFERENT subscriptions to random magazines. We got everything from Golf to Gardening. Now we have three and our goal for 2011 is to only have one. The hubby can't live without his Money Magazine.
  • Reusable bags: they are hip and cool and you should be using them by now. I can't even begin to tell you how many we have. We always make an effort to leave at least 3 bags in the cars just in case we forget to grab them on our way out of the house. Not only most stores now give you break (usually 5 cents off your purchase per bag or other incentives) but it helps bring down the clutter of bags in landfills.


Cassandra said...

Hi Little Miss Planner,

Great ideas on going green in your home - I'd love to expand on your "watch what your print" tip and take it one step further by saying go paperless! Okay, okay, going paperless at home seems like a big jump, but a cloud storage program like Office Live Workspace can help. It is a great way to distribute, store, and edit your paper files with only the use of an internet connection. Storing your documents will result in significantly less paper waste (and less clutter around the house!) - check it out here: Oh, yeah, it is free too!

Keep up the good work (and the Friday tips!)

Microsoft Office Live Outreach

Linda said...

I quit reading magazines all together. They were expensive and made me want to buy everything inside them. Sometimes I get some from the library or Half Price books if I feel the need to read magazines. It's cut down my clutter and waste so much!