Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Plus and Minus...

I admit I haven't been the best little blogger I possibly can be so I decided to get everyone up to speed here it all is in a quick recap:

Plus: Had a great time in Miami.
Minus: Ate way too many Cuban sandwiches and key lime pies!
Plus: My tan is looking superb (i know.. "tanning is bad" but hey... we were in Miami!)
Minus: The hubby has a killer sun burn because he didn't follow this wifey's once every hour rule about lathering up on SPF 1000.
Plus: Went to the Everglades and saw lots of 'gators!
Minus: Went to Little Havana and was a bit underwhelmed and just took the bus back.
Plus: Loved South Beach on the one full day of sun we had.
Minus: It rained off and on the other days we were there.
Plus: Been doing Weight Watchers and lost 6 lbs.
Minus: I have yet to have one week where I can consciously say the weight loss because I'm doing weight watchers. Next week will be a good week to see where if it really works. Yes, I'm still a skeptic!
Plus: I ran my fastest mile (8.20 mile) in OVER 10 years. I know, you're thinking how can someone with so many shiny 1/2 marathon medals not run fast? Easy... you still get the medal regardless how fast or slow you run! ;)
Minus: I haven't been keeping up with my 15 mile a week rule.
Plus: All the working out has increased my mood and made me crave it more.
Minus: Still trying to get over any excuses I can make instead of working out!
Plus: Being away for a few days from the computer is soooo nice!
Minus: I have over 700 posts in my google reader. These are the times where I hate to say I'm going to have to be selective and read only the ones in my "FAVES" folder!
Plus: Getting home and seeing my little puppies!
Minus: I have to go back to work tomorrow! DOUBLE BLAH!

So... that's it in a nut shell. I'll post a few photos of the trip once I get around to uploading them.

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