Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Giving in...

We are in week 9 on the competition between me and the hubby and I'm finally realizing while I have lost 4 lbs (HOORAY) and started boot camp, and did another half, and feeling a bit leaner, I really need something else to make the scale move a bit more than it is now. I figured the competition would do it but it hadn't. Then I started another challenge with my girlfriends that track lbs AND inches. Still... nothing.

So I talked a friend into joining Weight Watchers Online. Yes... I gave in and finally realized if I have to wear a bathing suit I might as well attempt to look my best around my friends and not make the scream and run the other way. I realized that if I ever want to hit a goal, I need to have some type of order to help me.

While I'm one to not care about the actual number, I must admit, that number still affects the waistline. Smaller number, smaller waistline.

Have you ever tried it? Did it work? Did you like it? Any advice?

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Nicholle said...

Hi Linda,
I am new to your site! I LOVE it!!! I am a photographer and while searching all things wedding came up with your site. I love the webpage you put together of your wedding! Stunning! I bet it turned out exactly how you have been dreaming of since you were 3!

I am on weight watchers for the 3 or 4th time. It works! When you follow the plan! Here are a few things to think about:

1. Always right down everything you eat. No matter if you want a little extra that day. Write it down anyway and just count it.
2. Drink water and lots of it!
3. The more you exercise the more points in a day you get.
4. Watch your portions.
5. Join the WW Community boards. There are so many people there who have been on it forever that will offer so many awesome snacks, advice, motivation
6. Keep up with your friends. Be the kind of support that you need. I always work best with someone else but they fail in the motivation and "keep going Nicky" area. I joined the gym. I need people to go with me. I have 3 different friends who said they'd go. Haven't been in a few weeks. I am going to hire a personal trainer to meet me there.

Good luck! I am sure you have a small goal and it is so achievable!

Nicholle said...

I just saw your post on my "other" blog.

I use that one so I can make comments on others blogs.

Here is my real blog.


I have been into photography since jr high. I got to take 2 classes in high school and have really enjoyed. I started a small business in July 2006. Wow. What a journey!

I am currently looking for "products" to offer my wedding clients after the wedding is all said and done. Wow what a chore. All of the photo books I find are so dang expensive. I personally feel my wedding album will be work $1,000 but the 3 clients I have chose me because they feel they are getting a deal and do not want to spend that kind of money. So I am looking for quality photo books that lay flat but are not tooo tooo much. Crazy!!

Did you get an album from your photographer? What kind is it? Do you love it?

Thanks for the comment back!