Friday, May 2, 2008

My first day of hell?

So after the fiasco of missing part of the week because of a "slip up" from our rec center. We started boot camp this morning. We got there at 630am to get measured and weighed. We even got to do a body fat test. I didn't care about the measuring since he was just doing what I did the past few week and the weight was nothing new. But the body fat % scared me. I would like to think it is off but since they will be checking it at the end I'm going to have to go with what the did and now I'm depressed but more determined than EVER to get healthy.

7am rolls around and the rest of the class shows up, one other male (other than the hubby) and the rest are middle age ladies, some repeaters, others dragged by their BFF's. Overall, everyone seemed friendly and our instructor was really cool.

First off we run .5 mile. (my thoughts: okay... this is nice, get to stretch out the legs before the horror begins...) get to the parking lot and stretch, and then told to run back... (not bad... hmm...lets try to keep up with the boys...) once we are back, we are inside and we are doing circuits... everyone started on a different thing... and rotated.

1. I started off this slippery thing... (i hated that thing... ) where you hold onto a bar and then slide down and then back up.
2. sit with your legs off the ground in front of you... and move the medicine ball from the side to side.
3. this round weight ball with a grip.... lean up and down on your sides...
4. elliptical
5. plank on a balance ball
6. backward sit ups with a 15lb bar ball OVER your head
7. treadmill at a 10 minute mile pace
8. stationary bike (yes... i showed off and ended up pushing it up another level and stood up for an extra workout)

...first round was only 30 seconds, then we did 1 minute, then 2 minutes. after all that, we were pretty much done. It was CAKE. I did sweat a bit but nothing other than the slippery thing that i thought was horrible. I guess it was their easy day so hopefully next week i'll be sore. Anyhow, that's my first day of boot camp. There was no horror, there were no "I hate this" moments. In fact, I think this will be good (once it gets a bit harder) and won't steal all my energy so I will still be able to go do my lunch runs and long runs at night.

What is your method of getting in shape? Ever try a boot camp?

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