Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thanks a bunch...

With the postage hike, I made it a point to make sure every thank you card was finally in the mail. Today, the hubby took the final two into work to give out (there is a reason why they weren't mailed). Yes, it took 6.5 months from the wedding to finally get around to them and the desire to use our personalized stamps up before we had to tack on a penny stamp with it. LAME! I am usually really good about sending thank you cards, but with the wedding, well, I lagged because I was done. I was done, cornering things, I was done using double stick tape. I was done centering. I was just sick of my own wedding. :)

I'm happy it's all over and the only two things left are getting our wedding movie (omg omg omg... can't wait!) and getting our album. But those two things I can honestly say I am in no rush for that either.

So tip of the day from this wife to all you brides out there, if you are getting presents before hand, just write the darn cards when you get the presents. Because it is SOOO not worth it waiting, that is unless you are using a photo of the wedding as the card, otherwise, just throw in a wallet to share and send them out after!

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