Thursday, May 15, 2008

Style AND Comfort...

I used to make fun of my mom always gravitating to the same brands. One of them was Aerosoles. I thought they were always for nurses or grandmas. Why I lumped those two groups together I do not know. (Sorry Kim!) Anyhow, last winter I was shopping for a pair of boot and FELL IN LOVE with some cute black ones at Macys. When I took them home I realized they were "that brand" and kinda felt a bit stumped. Am I getting old or are they getting more stylish? I like to think the second and while surfing their website they have proven me right again!

Now if you are the daring bride that wanted a bit of "WOW" for their shoes, I know everyone flocks to Christians or Manolos. But with these babies, you can have the a fun style and the comfort too on your big day!

French Kiss

Laser Beam

Speed Trap

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Linda said...

I think they are improving. I used to think they were for little old ladies too. But what awful names!