Friday, May 9, 2008

Hell is good!

So we just got back from our first FULL week of boot camp and I am SORE all over! From the hills and leap frogs and push ups and planks, to the squats and pull ups and medicine ball, it all was amazing and wonderful. I say this with the idea that moving muscles that seem to have been sleeping for a while are now WIDE awake and a bit grumpy. It feels good to have my body get leaner and healthier.

I've been pretty good about writing in my food journal but our instructors know we are will sin and eat pizza and cookies, he just wants us to write it down and see what's going on with us. See why we aren't doing better on the scale or in the inches.

In every aspect, I'm really happy with the decision to join a boot camp. We are working out harder than we ever have and having someone motivate and push us further is great. Now, hopefully we won't be too sore tomorrow since we have another half marathon to do...

At least after that we'll be able to numb the pain with a bottle...err... I mean a sip of syrah! ;)

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ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

my husband i just started a diet - i'm on the move to lose 30 pounds before october when my fittings start! good for you for getting in shape!