Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Something to look forward to:


For starters, while Frank (my bike) hasn't been ridden in many moons, I still am an AVID cycling fan! With that said, I cannot say how excited I am about this year's tour! Maybe it's all the rock hard legs of these cyclists have. Maybe it's the drama they bring to the table that would make a soap opera look like Sesame Street brawl. I love it! Now, with Lance back with Levi (Leipheimer --Tour of California winner many times over) and Contador (2007 winner TdF who wants off the team), it's hard not to watch the drama ensue!

Now, is Lance my fave? No, I heart George (Hincapie). He was Lance's right hand man for many years and commend him on being such an amazing rider. My second is a tie and that would include Lance and Levi. Oh drool! Now, how addicted am i? Well, when I first joined twitter, my first few people I added were these cycling guys!

So I've got my DVR ready to go and my Tour links bookmarked. Last thing I'll need is to get my iphone app uploaded to give me updates if I miss something!

Yes, i'm that in love with Le tour!

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