Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Itching to get away...

In the planner household, we rarely are home more than 6 months without some trip planned. Last week, we were THIS CLOSE to hitting the submit button on two tickets to Madrid. As much as we could kick ourselves for not buying them (600 for the two of us roundtrip including taxes) we figured it just wasn't meant to be when we noticed the price doubled. So, we are still looking into our Costa Rica trip and toying with the idea of just going to Hawaii and bum around the island. Who knows what we'll end up doing in the fall but right now, I need to jump onto a plane and escape.

So last night, the hubby finally came through and book two tickets to what paradise... I mean Seattle. I love Seattle. If I could move there, I would but the hubby isn't soo keen on that. He's fine just visiting. This will be our second trip together there (our first trip was 3.5 years ago in the winter). We're only going for 4 days over the 4th of July weekend. So, if you have any suggestions for something for us to do, let us know (i'm looking at you Silly Little Mischief!) We've done all the major touristy things (Fremont district, needle, ballard locks--granted we didn't see any fish, Aquarium, bummed around Bainbridge island, belltown, etc.). Here is a link to photos from that last trip. We are staying downtown and will not have a car because we like the public transportation system there.

Here are the things we are toying with doing: Wine Tasting on Bainbridge Island, International District, Kayak Lake Union, hit up the Pinnacle, and Family Fourth Fireworks. Anything you can think of we could do? Any festivals going on? All help is welcomed!


Linda said...

Perhaps a trip out to Woodville for some wine tastings: http://www.woodinvillewinecountry.com/VisitorInfo.cfm. There are tours that you can do since you won't have a car.
I definitely recommend the International District. I could spend a whole day wandering around Uwajimaya. Dum Sum at House of Wong. Bubble Teas at a dozen different cafes.
I don't know anything about it but there is a beer festival going on that weekend at the Seattle Center.
I'll keep thinking and get back to you.

Rose Ayoub said...

Linda! Seattle sounds great and you will get to go in just a couple of weeks. WOHOOO! That sounds awesome. I would love to see Seattle. Okay, I'd love to see anything at this point. LOL.

OMG, Madrid would have been amazing and what an unbelievable deal. Don't worry a deal like that will come around again- you gotta just keep on the look-out and I know you are good at that.

Ahhhhh, I am off to dream about traveling as I dictate a lovely pleading. :(

Miss Ya!