Monday, June 1, 2009

Green goals for the Summer

After talking to the hubby how to lower our bills and become more Eco friendly, we made five goals for the summer.

1. Insulation: we have about 15-20 recessed lights. Last time I was in the attic I noticed how many spots where hot or cold air can seep through them, wasting it. By insulating them, we'll be able keep our electricity bill down more and keep the house at a temp we like.
2. Fans: we are going to add a few ceiling fans to circulate air and hopefully keep the ac off longer.
3. Rain gutters and rain barrels: two winters down and many more to go. Every winter it's rained enough to leave huge puddles. Some storms it feels like our house is an ark. By putting in gutters, we can move the water into rain barrels and then be able use that water for the garden.
4. Solar tunnel: our master bedroom closet is dark dark! We always loved the idea of sun lights. With solar tunnels, it moves the sunlight through the tunnel and light up the area and not cost us a dime! (this one is a maybe)
5. Drip irrigation: we hand water about 75% of the garden. It doesn't seem like much but we're talking 20-30 minutes at a time. It's a good way to not waste water but wastes our time. Putting one on a timer will keep water usage at a minimum and save us time.

Due Date August 15, 2009

How will you try to become more Eco friendly than you are now?

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Linda said...

Those sound like great goals.