Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Random thoughts

  • my phone crashed last night. i acted as if the sky was falling. maybe i'm a little addicted to my iphone.

  • one of the cucumber blossoms turned into a cucumber, one more month until harvesting

  • it is 69% humid outside. that is 40% more than i like. if i wanted to live in humid weather i'd move to the south.

  • we never booked our costa rica flights, now they went up. going to still watch them but i think we are going to go somewhere else instead. hopefully northwest this summer and then hawaii this fall

  • one of my closest friends J is on vacation. i feel a bit lost because i talk to her constantly. glad she is on vacation though, she needed it!

  • made jam for the first time last weekend. (seven jars!) it tastes great but doesn't seem to have jam-like consistency. hopefully refrigerating it will help... it is more like a spread but i don't mind that. will make a full post about this later

  • contemplating installing solar panels on the house but the website isn't that easy to navigate. this is a big pet peeve, it ranks right up there with unanswered emails and things not in order.

  • currently listening to the weepies

  • watched "i'm a celebrity" last night. not too impressed. at first i loved to hate spencer but now just want him off, he's too annoying.

  • my new favorite snack: special k crackers. yum!
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    Linda said...

    Special K crackers? Sounds yummy!