Monday, June 22, 2009

Things to do before JUL 09 -- update #2

1. Walk/Run 30 miles (10.6)
2. Cook 15 meals a week (10)
3. Save 60% on our grocery bills (63.21%)
4. Do one craft project -- did some craft repairs around the house
5. Order and install Fan for media room (done!)
6. Go to the gym 4 times during the work day (ummm....)
7. Go for a picnic and a hike (never got a chance to go)
8. Go swimming twice at the gym (....)
9. Rain Gutters: measure house, create cost sheet, map out where rain barrels will go. (this is a July thing)
10. Buy drip irrigation system and start putting it together (sorta done)
11. Make apricot jam (apricots sitting nicely in the freezer)
12. Build trellis for grapes (never got this done but really need to do this!!!)
13. Finish last tier of the garden (decided to nix this for now... )
14. Start planning Christmas in July BBQ! (changed again to the beer tasting bbq)

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