Friday, May 1, 2009

Things to do before May 09 -- final update

1. Walk/Run 60 miles (25 miles)
2. Cook 15 meals a week (16)
3. Save 60% on our grocery bills (58%)
4. Do one craft project (does gardening count? Oh, I stained the bench, that's kinda crafy!)
5. Clean my bike and go riding (never took frank out for a ride... )
6. Go to the gym 4 times during a work day (3 down)
7. Go for a picnic and a hike (didn't have time)
8. Go swimming twice at the gym (...)
9. Do boot camp ONCE (didn't go)
10. Work out 5 times a week ALL month (didn't happen... LOL... ya right!)
11. Read a book (started it but then got caught up gardening...)
12. Take a trip to the flower district (going to go this weekend. close enough)

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