Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Little Miss Planner's Farm...update #8.1

Because of the amount of photos I took and the ugly timeouts I'm getting from Nikon Picture Town, I'll have to do this in two posts. Bare with me... lots of photos to follow!!!
I love spring time!

This is the mystery garden section. I am slowly figuring out what is what!

The first portion of the garden we did is sooo big now!

The Herb Garden

Peppers, tomatoes and squash!

The left row is Garlic and the right row is Asparagus

Even the flowers are blooming around the garden

You know how I mentioned we built a second bench? Well, we also stained it and here it is! We are going to make a top for the fire pit to act like a ottoman when not in use. That will be June DIY craft project. I love sitting out here in the evening with the tiki torches lit. It's very calm and serene!

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Linda said...

I love the benches and fire pit area. Looks so nice.