Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Random thoughts

  • you know how i gabbed on and on about planting more? well, i forgot to mark what is what. i guess you can say that part of my garden is now a surprise grab bag of sorts

  • my spray hose broke. this is a big deal when you hand water 75% of a garden. it works but it has a crack on the top so it sprays water in the air while i'm spraying straight ahead of me. Either A. buy duck tape to fix it (duck tape fixes EVERYTHING) or 2. buy a new hose.

  • at the moment, all i can think about is the sun on waikiki beach! we were there three years ago and how i miss it dearly!

  • i wish i could take my computer outside and work from the grass. it's 77 outside and it feels like 50 inside. not a good thing

  • i have given up coffee for the billionth time... new obsession: green tea.

  • have to go running tonight to pick up my daily prescription. i wonder if i'll be able to handle the ~~ch ch ch ch~~ sound of the pills while i'm running home.

  • even though i have been out sick for the past two days, this week still feels long.

  • lastly, i need to go to ikea but can't justify driving 30 minutes to pick up 3 small things.

these are the things that keep going through my head today.

why can't today be friday!

1 comment:

Linda said...

I agree. Today should be Friday!
I like the grab bag idea when it comes to gardening!