Sunday, May 10, 2009

Little Miss Planner's Farm...update #7

I think the hubby thinks I've completely lost it. I race home now to water the plants and make sure the puppies didn't do their own gardening. A few days ago I planted the garlic and can't wait for it to pop out. I finally got to the top tier and planted strawberries. On the new section we built a few weeks ago, the seedlings are barely coming up. We ended up just tilling it and planting again with more organic soil.

This past weekend's mini-farm to-do list went as follows:

  • Plant asparagus

  • Finish weeding... for the most part

  • Plant another LONG row of garlic

  • Plant new hydrangea plants and raspberry plant

  • Create irrigation system for asparagus, garlic, hydrangeas, raspberries and grapes (it's further away from the rest of the garden

  • Fertilize! Fertilize! Fertilize!

  • Start drawing up plans on irragation system for the entire area
  • M

This is the new area. We still have some maintenance to do (i.e. build a new gate to hide the spa equipment, buy metal sheets and paint black where the sheets of wood are, do more weeding and clearing) but for the most part, I'm really ecstatic we figured out how to use this area. You see, it's been sectioned off because there is a big dog in our neighbor's yard up there. Our dogs would barked like mad and we figured we'd just section off this side so they couldn't get up there anymore. Because of that, we never cared about this area and it always looked so ratty. Now, nice clean lines and hopefully it will produce garlic and asparagus, raspberries and grapes! (grapes coming soon)

Our final and major project will extend the wall we made. We are waiting on more recycled railroad tiers. Once they comes in, we'll build it and plant like mad!

So has anything produced? YES! We harvested lots of lettuce! It tastes unbelievable! I never thought lettuce had a flavor! In the words of the hubby: "TASTY!" We also measured to get an idea of how much we area we are using. Since we don't go to the top of the hill, we just measured to the top of the strawberries. Right now we are using 462 square ft of land for our garden. Once we put in the new tier, we will add an additional 136 sq ft making our garden 600 sq feet. This is amusing to me since my last apt was 600 sq ft! Glad we figured out how to use this wasted space. Photos will have to wait till we get some better light to show the new area!

On a non garden front, last weekend we built the second bench, this weekend we sanded and stained it. :) I LOVE how it all turned out!!!

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It all sounds great!