Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Things that make me happy today

  • It's great weather so we're grilling chili lime chicken and corn on the cob. tonight

  • I ran last night... 4.5 miles. Makes me feel optimistic that I can still run after all my talk about running and not doing it. I was scared I would have had to walk but I didn't. Now I know I can so I will.

  • Our neighbors complimented us on our backyard. I guess all the hard work we put in is really paying off.

  • UPS man should be coming today to drop off the asparagus plants and garlic. I'm soo excited!!!! Must plant garlic tonight!

  • Our hydrangea plants are BLOOMING! We have a bright pink (fuchsia almost) one and the other two (multi colored and the other is blue) are really getting ready to just burst with color. It's nice to have some extra color in the backyard.

  • To have the friends I do. D, R, and J have enriched my life more then they'll ever know!

I think I'm still drunk off the endorphins from last night's run. :)


Linda said...

Have fun grilling tonight. It's a cold rainy day here!

Rose Ayoub said...

Ok, are you having Sangria with the chili lime chick? Yummmm! Now that will be a true cinco de mayo celebration.

I am so proud of all your running and planting> I really can't wait to see the garden!!!! Soooon.