Friday, May 1, 2009

In need of a redo...

Last fall we went to Costa Rica and while it was beautiful and I had a 1,000 things I loved about it, we also felt we missed out because of some of the snags we hit along the way.

So we are planning a redo vacation! We are using our vouchers we received because of our canceled flight last time and only going to one location on the Pacific Coast. So far, we are eying one of these two locations:

Hilton Papagayo

Flamingo Beach Resort

You see a theme? Lounge Lounge Lounge!!!! We are still keeping our options open so if you know of a great resorty place, send it my way! :)

Is there any place you want to do a redo vacation?

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Rose Ayoub said...

I don't need to re-do a vacation, I just need to do a vacation. LOL. I never even got to talk to u about costa rica. The resorts you have posted look amazing. Deems should think about going there, she was mentioning possibly vacationing soon, again.

Looks like a great place to lounge, lounge and lounge! :) I would not mind going there and doing just that.