Sunday, May 3, 2009

Little Miss Planner's Farm Update #6

You know how I mentioned before about planting in a new area? Well, this is the area I spoke of:

This tree/schrub/bush overtook the area and I got out my trusty saw and clippers and cleaned up the place. After about a 4 hours worth of cleaning it looked pretty good.

The middle teir has two types of peppers, another tomato bush and two squash vines. The bottom teir is the new home for the herb garden. Yes, I moved it because, it was bothering me having them with the veggies and I like uniform things. :) The top tier, well, not sure what i'll plant there but I'm thinking about that, not to worry, where there is dirt I will plant! :)

The other thing I did was put in a path to walk up without slipping down the dirt. I am terrified of falling so this was a must.

We used recycled brick we bought at Home Depot and rocks from the hill. I think I might have to make them bigger but for now, they work perfectly!


Linda said...

I love your backyard!

Rose Ayoub said...

LOL. That path you created with the HD bricks is the coolest thing ever -seriously. You and Matt are so creative. Matt is helping, right? LOL