Friday, January 23, 2009

Ever think that fortune cookie is talking to you?

I have this uncanny way of always picking up a fortune cookie that rings true. Even more so when I'm reading my horoscope. It's a bit scary actually!

Like today's clipped from my iGoogle home page ala

Although you may feel quite contained today, you won't be able to restrain yourself from also revealing your underlying optimism. It's not even about consciously applying the power of positive thought. It's just that your greatest strength now is your ability to scope out the big picture and intuitively know how best to organize all the pieces in order to achieve the desired results. Set your intentions and then slowly work toward making your dreams come true.

Umm.... ~~looking around the room~~ how did you know Mr In my daily email with my pen pal (long story short, I have a pen pal I've never met who lives 1000's miles away. We talk daily, hubby even asks how my pen pal is doing) I couldn't help but write paragraphs upon paragraphs of optimism. To the point if a teenage me saw this, she probably toss her cookies. When I was typing away, I felt this wave of warm fuzzies that was just seeping out of my pores.

I know, the horoscope sounds kinda bland and unoriginal, but today, the horoscope said what I needed to hear. More and more am I falling in love with this year. I know, it's only been 23 days, it's still be better than last year. I've stayed busy a bee, breaking out of my shell I made the second half of the year. I'm feeling like I'm living again, with all my heart and my soul.

So back to the question at hand, do fortune cookies or horoscopes talk to you?

Happy Friday everyone!


Linda said...

Sometimes. Especially fortune cookies. I gave up on horoscopes.
How did you aquire such a pen pal?

Linda said...

I "met" her on a message board... She asked a question about something and from there we began writing about certain topics and then it grew to a friendship.

Linda said...

That's awesome.
so i've tagged you!