Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Playing house

After a realization that the amount we eat out far exceeds the norm, I've been trying to change our habits and cook more. It's good because 1. I love to cook and am need to expand my mental recipe index and B. to try to cut down on costs.

So last weekend I made my little dinner menu for the week and got to work. While I could go into details of every meal I created, I would rather shout with glee about the things that made me happy. For instance, last Sunday I made tortillas (grew up with them) and for the first time I made a round tortilla. I've made them before but they ALWAYS turn out lopsided and or alien-like. This was a triumph! I called my mom to tell her the great news even! She laughed and said congrats, knowing this was a big step because everyone knows a round tortilla is a good tortilla!

Secondly, I made homemade chicken noodle soup. It was easier than I thought and tasted better than I expected. Easy too! And lastly, I made bread! Okay, it was from a box but I made it rise and baked it in our little toaster oven! (we have a good oven, but no need to waste gas).

I'm soo excited how great it feels to make something and it turns out great. I forgot these feelings since I became laxed in the kitchen. Yes, it still feels like I'm playing house, but I don't mind it!

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Linda said...

Soup is so easy to make and can be so healthy. Congrats on making a menu!