Monday, January 5, 2009

how old am I?

Yesterday I was pushing a grocery cart around and had my little list of things to make for dinner and start wiping stuff off my To-Do list. I saw all these older ladies in there and felt as if I was the kid on home alone, shopping by himself. Sometimes I get that feeling, like I'm still just a kid, trying to play house.

Anyone else get that feeling?


Linda said...

Just the opposite. I feel old when I go grocery shopping. I ran into a friend over the weekend at the store and she remarked how organized I seemed. She's probably twice my age.
Plus I love telling the checkers "My husband loves..." I still love saying "my husband"!

Sara said...

I sometime feel the same way, especially when I'm putting the groceries away, if I bought something I never got as a kid but Mom wouldn't buy. I totally feel like I'm playing house.