Thursday, January 1, 2009

To Do List before 2010

Happy New Year! To ring in this wonderful new year, it's time for the yearly to do list!

To Do List before 2010
1. Start paying more for my car
2. Work harder for the promotion
3. Start a garden
4. Read a minimum of 2 books a month
5. Teach the puppies some manners
6. Start cycling again
7. Organize and clean out the rest of the house closets
8. Do one triathlon
9. Do one big craft project each month
10. Find out what a set of good abs look on me! (third year on the to do list)
11. Get up to date with all vacation albums (currently 3 behind)
12. Work out 1 time a week at work for 2 months straight
13. Finish remodeling guest room
14. Cook 4 nights a week for 1 month straight
15. Take a vacation to a destination I've never been to
16. Work out 5 times a week for 3 months straight
17. Run 365 miles

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